Working with our Web Site Optimization Tools, you’ll be able to work on your site’s global recognition directly from your Web Hosting Control Panel. From the Sitemap Generator you will get complete sitemap for your site within a few minutes. You’re able to publish the sitemap to the search engines so they could scan your website as fast as possible. At the same time, by way of the RSS News instrument, you can easily deploy consistently updated content on your website, which is a promise for higher listing positions with the search engines. The GeoIP redirection tool will allow you to re–route visitors coming from a specified region towards a certain language variation of your website for more accurate targeting end results.

A Sitemap Generator

A sitemap creator included into your Web Hosting Control Panel

In case you have just recently brought out your web site and need it to get listed a lot faster by the the search engines, or if you want to present your visitors a fast method to navigate through all of your webpages, then you’ll need to use a sitemap. Sitemap is a a set of all the web pages on your web site that have been hyperlinked to. Usually, you’ll have to go with third–party tools to do the job, however with Parked24, you have access to a Sitemap Generator built straight into the Web Hosting Control Panel.

The Sitemap Generator we offer is in fact simple to use and because it is entirely suitable for our cloud Linux cloud hosting platform – your web site will be examined fast.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Simple location–driven redirection

We provide a straightforward tool, which will allow you to narrow the visitors of your site based on their area. For example, with the GeoIP re–direction application, you can easily direct all of the customers coming from Spain towards the Spanish version of your website in case you have such. This enables you to target your clients much more precisely and provide them with the on–site experience they are expecting.

No special capabilities or special knowledge are required to use the GeoIP re–direction tool, and you no longer need to use .htaccess files to complete the job.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Display the latest news within your web site

What is actually RSS? RSS can be described as a method for submitting and accumulating web content. It’s becoming frequently used by news websites, private weblogs, newscasts, etcetera. The submitted information is quickly picked up through a news reader and afterwards made available to the user. Working with RSS, customers may get hold of announcements from a number of web sites and go through them in a single area.

Using our RSS News Syndication tool, you can quickly integrate media feeds from a lot of the world’s most–preferred information channels and demonstrate them within your web site.

RSS News